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North Shore Outlook Article: CELEBRATING REAL WOMEN


"A West Vancouver artist’s Goddess Cards remind all women they’re special."

By Daniel Pi Staff Reporter – North Shore Outlook

Amanda was unhappy.

Living in Los Angeles the recently married woman felt out of place in the land where looks were everything, so to placate herself, she did what many people do. She ate.

And that just aggravated her sadness.

For her mother, Anne Baird, watching Amanda fall into a destructive pattern was heartbreaking. So just before Amanda’s 31st birthday, Baird painted a personal card for her. Using watercolours and coloured pencils, Baird created a woman resembling her daughter, with curves and all, lying luxuriously under a tree while three stick-slim women glared at her from the background. And on the cover, she wrote the words, “You’re a goddess, not a nymph!”

Inside, to reinforce her positive message, Baird added, “And I adore you!”

Amanda was uplifted and today is a successful businesswoman, but Baird never expected the greater interest her card would create.

It has launched the retired woman into a thriving business called GODDESS CARDS, “Because every woman is a Goddess!” – with 80 different messages to empower women, and more are on the way.

As she explains it, her daughter loved the card and showed it to friends who reacted positively to the message. …As Baird received more and more feedback, she started to see a trend: that all women, no matter their shape, weight, height, or ethnicity, saw flaws in themselves.

“Even beautiful, accomplished young women saw something wrong with themselves…it all came back to this awful self-esteem and body image,” Baird said… “I realized this was a universal problem.”

She turned her mind, and watercolours, to address the situation, expanding on the first card to celebrate women the way they are, and to encourage them to “live life …with passion and joy.”

…Baird has since expanded her card line to include legendary goddesses and women from the Bible who illustrate attributes that women today can still strive for, such as devotion, courage, the thirst for knowledge, and in the case of Aphrodite, the continual search for love.”

Next up is a series of cards for men, called Gods for the Goddess.

…But Baird …won’t waver ..from her original intention with Goddess Cards, which is to empower women and show them that they’re loved.

“It’s almost like all of them out there are my daughters, and it’s like writing a love letter to them.”