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These cards celebrate important aspects of women's lives: friendship, pregnancy, the birth of a new baby, achievement, joy, and following your bliss. There's so much to be thankful for! So much to celebrate! Every card has 2 images and a story on back.

Everyday Celebrations Set: (Now an 11-card set)Everyday Celebrations Set: (Now an 11-card set)The Everyday Celebrations set, once consisting of 12 cards, has just sold out of Friends. It is now an 11-card set, offered at the special price of $2.00 per card.

Friends: SOLD OUT. A Mother's Prayer, Vicky's Baby, Leapfrog: almost SOLD OUT. Offer good while supplies last.

# 1083 Everyday Celebrations Set (11 cards)$15.00
 Leapfrog LeapfrogDo we have to grow up yet? Of course. But not totally. We are MEANT to have fun! You're never too old to be young...

# 2006$2.00
You're a Gift!You're a Gift!The whole family is enriched by its most senior member ~ grandma! They celebrate her!

Jump for Joy!Jump for Joy!What are you excited about? Whatever it is, let's jump for joy. Let's celebrate!

# 1032$2.00
FriendsFriendsFriends are the family we choose for ourselves. I'm so glad we chose each other...

You're GORGEOUS!You're GORGEOUS!Is anything more beautiful than a pregnant woman? Tell her she's GORGEOUS!

# 1048$2.00
New BabyNew BabyA mother holds her newborn infant up to the sun. Inside, she gazes at the baby with adoration and wonder.

# 1035$2.00
Vicky's BabyVicky's BabyA new mother cradles her baby, as her faithful dog sleeps beside them. She is love personified!

A Mother's PrayerA Mother's PrayerA young mother introduces her daughter to beauty.

Cat LoveCat LoveCelebrate women's unique love affair with cats! They bring us joy and pleasure. Most of the time...

Follow Your Bliss!Follow Your Bliss!You only have one life. Pay attention to it! Follow your bliss.

# 1047$2.00
Congratulations!Congratulations!Congratulations are in order. You've accomplished something magnificent! Let's celebrate.

Thank You!Thank You!This card is for anyone who brings the scent of roses into your life. Thank you!