Click to enlargeLEO: July 23-August 23

Women born under this star are destined to shine! Radiant with energy, they attract friends and admirers as a blazing fire draws people by its heat. Energized by the sun, fearless as the King of Beasts, they're natural-born leaders who love to take charge of challenging projects and see them through.

They're also fun loving, hospitable, generous, fair-minded and loyal. A flair for drama and a taste for the limelight make them entertaining. Their legendary warmth extends into personal relationships. Exuberant lovers and devoted family members, they are also excellent friends, though they're best in one-on-one relationships where a wider audience doesn't distract them.

In this image, the Leo goddess is shown as an African woman accompanied by a lion. Comfortable and serene in their natural environment, she revels in the heat of the sun, the abundant life surrounding her, and the brilliant oranges and yellows of the sunset. They are her favorite colors.

Celebrate the sunshine she brings! (Story of sign on back of card.)

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