Click to enlargeCANCER: June 22-July 22

Cancer is the fourth sign of the Zodiac. A Sun sign ruled by the Moon, its element is Water. Its symbol, the Crab, hides a tender core inside a hardened shell. It survives in the most fluid, dynamic environment on Earth. This rare combination mirrors the vulnerable strength of women born under this sign.

A Water Woman is sensitive, emotional, and spiritual. She leads from the heart, not the head. Intuitive and creative, she is also family-oriented, with strong maternal instincts that she lavishes on friends and relatives. She loves gathering her chosen family round her in her all-important home, and spoiling them with good food and fun. An artist in the kitchen, the bedroom, and the home, she also delights in her work that might be anything from painting to politics.

In this image, the Water Woman lovingly touches the crab. She admires its ability to carry a piece of its home with it wherever it goes. In her own changes, she has learned to create a sacred, inner home-space for herself. Surrounded by the blues and greens of the tide-pool where sea, sky and sand meet, she flows with the tide.

Celebrate her tender-toughness and loving heart! (Story of sign on back of card.)

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