Click to enlargeThe Face Of Creativity

The Face of Creativity

A violinist kicks up her heels as she plays. Thinking herself alone, she plays with total abandon beneath the forest moon. But she is not alone.

Watching and upholding her with abundant energy are the Spirits of Creation and Creativity. They have been summoned to her side by the bliss she expresses in her creative intention. When you dance like this, all Creation dances with you!

Does your field of creativity rest in another discipline? You may be a scientist. An inspired teacher. A visionary mathematician. An innovative businesswoman. You fill in the blank. Your music may be different, but it is rooted in the same soil: the field of Creativity.

So dance. Sing. Invent a new recipe. Learn to play an instrument. Come up with an idea or vision that nobody has had before. Make a new connection. Whatever your art is, practice it. Kick up your heels with joy.

The Universe delights in your creativity. It will align itself with you in your efforts to bring forth the music that is in you. We need the song you were created to sing.


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