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The Face of Love

A woman springs from a bed of roses into a golden sky. Hair and ribbons flying, she is so immersed in Spirit that she has become a part of it.

To such a woman, nothing is impossible. She is a one-woman magnet so compelling that people are irresistibly drawn to her. She gives and receives love freely. The more she gives, the more she has to give away.

What is her secret? She has learned that the first step into the space of love begins with her. Because of that, she chooses to believe in her own divinity. She trusts the wisdom that made her. She knows that until she loves herself, she can not fully love anything else. Not even the person who lies closest to her heart.

"I am whole. I am perfect. I am love," she sings to herself.

It may take a while to believe that. There are so many voices saying that she is NOT! Voices insisting that she is powerless. Unworthy. Ugly, even. One of the loudest voices repeating these cruel slanders has been hers. Perhaps you have heard those voices? Don't listen. Not even to yourself.

You are whole. You are perfect. Just as you were created. And you were made for a special purpose. You were created to express love on Earth.

And you are intended to express it. How wonderful is that?


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