Click to enlargeThe Face of Beauty

A beauty sits in front of a Baroque mirror holding a rose. Her hands are capable, her feet firmly planted on the ground. Her gaze is mild, but unafraid.

She doesn't fear aging. Why should she? She knows that her Creator sees her as perfect. She is Beauty, just like the rest of God's creation.

Behind her in the mirror is a reflection of how she may look in twenty or thirty years. Her body may no longer be firm. Her hair may be graying. But her beauty is undiminished. A new luster has been added, a glow that comes only with wisdom and a compassionate, tested heart.

Through the window reflected in the mirror, we see three moons, representing the three stages in a woman's life: Maiden, Mother, and Wise Woman. Each phase brings its unique beauty. Each is to be cherished and celebrated.

Look for Beauty and see it everywhere. Find it in yourself.


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